I found Lee Anne through what I genuinely believe was divine intervention. My daughter had suffered with GI issues from the moment she was born but all of the traditional doctors assured us that this was all normal. I knew her intense struggle was not normal and I tried everything from working with specialists to omitting everything from our diets and saw no relief. It was miserable and due to my stress, I also began to have severe symptoms. Our family was struggling and beyond frustrated. Through a web search, I learned Lee Anne was nearby and I was intrigued by her website. From the first moment we were in contact, she showed me she wanted to go above and beyond to help us by taking our call in the evening while at home and talking to us for around an hour. From then on, the level of care she has provided us has been stellar. I know without a doubt that she genuinely cares for our family. She helped us find answers that nobody else has been willing to take the time to find. Within months, my daughter’s GI issues have literally just stopped. Not to mention, my daughter loves seeing her, it’s as though she too knows how much Lee Anne cares. I have identified issues that I was blind to before and she is tirelessly working with me to make me healthier again. I can’t summarize how much I appreciate her, but I can say that I honestly cannot imagine surviving this last year without her. I wish everyone had Lee Anne or someone like her in their lives. I highly recommend Lee Anne’s services to anyone who wants real answers and who wants to improve the quality of their life.