I was referred to Lee Anne Walsh, RDN, CLT, CGP by my primary care physician last fall. We had been in California for about two years. My symptoms started before our move from Boston. I went to a gastroenterologist for stomach problems, bloating, alternating constipation and diarrhea, and cramping. I had an endoscopy and had several colonoscopies which all had been negative. My symptoms got worse, even though I was eating healthy. I had yogurt, milk, whole grain bread, etc. I stopped going places and was generally uncomfortable. My gastroenterologist in Boston or locally had no answers or suggestions.

It had been several years that I had not been feeling well, and I was skeptical about going to a nutritionist. I found Lee Anne was very easy to talk to and felt she was someone who understood. Lee Anne recommended the Mediator Release Test (MRT) and LEAP program for me. Again, I was skeptical.

When I got the results of my blood test, I was surprised by some of the foods identified as intolerable for me. Some of the foods that I thought were healthy for me were not. Lee Anne provided a very comprehensive explanation of the program, how and what I was to eat, and suggestions for meals.

As I was working through my immunocalm diet, I had to be patient, and Lee Anne was so positive and informative. I had to learn a new way of eating. She explained that whole foods were better for me than processed. It took time for my body to become accustomed to meals with whole foods, and I actually started to cook and enjoy spices and flavorings. I love fish now and did not before. My condition slowly improved as I stuck to my food list. Lee Anne was always so positive, upbeat, knowledgeable and professional, yet kind and patient with me.

I feel like a new person now! I am very careful about what I eat. When eating away from home, I need to make sure of the ingredients in all foods. Lee Anne taught me what questions to ask and gave me confidence to ask questions in restaurants. I enjoy cooking now and shopping for healthy foods.

What impressed me most about Lee Anne’s services was her dedication to improving my health. Her support and encouragement along the way was instrumental in my healing. I appreciate her knowledge, thoroughness, and patience.

I would most definitely recommend the services of Lee Anne Walsh, RDN, CLT, CGP as well as the MRT and LEAP program. I have already referred a co-worker to Lee Anne.