“Thank you” seems so inadequate in comparison to what you have done to improve my health, providing a higher quality of living. In the past few years I had begun to believe it was impossible to find anyone who could help me feel better. Traditional medical doctors continued to report that all my lab work was within normal ranges. Well, why didn’t I feel normal? I wondered if maybe I WAS imagining it, maybe I didn’t really have anything wrong. After my family doctor suggested I might want to seek counseling, I became depressed. I thought I needed to accept the physical state I am in and move on with life. However, it became more and more difficult to maintain simple daily activities. The joy I once experienced in my life was gone.

Over the past several years, I had noticed more health issues. I felt like I was always digesting food even if it had been several hours since I had eaten. Constipation and bloating were a daily problem for me. My face became puffy and I had overall swelling, especially in my legs. In a short matter of time, I’d gained over 20 pounds while dieting. Even after a full night’s sleep, I felt very tired. I experienced a headache almost daily without relief. My joints ached. My skin, especially my hands were extremely dry, cracked and bloody most days. The more weight I gained, the more depressed I became and the less I felt like exercising. My family noticed I was extremely irritable and impatient. My joy was replaced with misery. It was like I had become a different person. I found it difficult to complete a sentence. Always felt like I was living in a fog. No longer did I want to spend time with friends. I tried to avoid social activities and even going to church.

When you listened to me and investigated my laundry list of symptoms, I felt like you really cared about me. It was obvious that you wanted to help me discover what was truly happening to cause all my symptoms. You reaffirmed for me that the way I was feeling was legitimate even if it didn’t coincide with traditional medical results. Finally, I began to see hope in my situation.

After months of lab work and necessary supplement replacement, I am feeling better than I have felt in many years. I have learned the importance of nutrition. Formerly when I would be on a diet, I would try to manipulate the guidelines so that I could still eat what I wanted although I expected the promised results. Now, I truly desire to eat healthy, whole foods which are free of toxins and promote exceptional health. Eating a piece of cake and not feeling poorly afterwards wasn’t an accomplishment, though I thought I was beating the system. What I was eating was silently destroying my body. After years and years of poor nutrition, I have finally understood the significance of what I eat. When my body manifested signs of decline, I finally saw that I was reaping what I had sown.

Today, I feel like I am becoming a new person. Not like I used to be, but an improved version. My swelling continues to go down everyday. I have energy when I wake up in the morning and my body doesn’t ache. I haven’t had a headache for several weeks. My digestive system is better than it has ever been and I don’t crave sugar anymore. My hands are so soft and my hair and skin are no longer dry. I’m much more patient and less irritable and moody. Words come to mind much quicker. Overall, I can see changes where I didn’t even recognize here was a problem. I know it will still be more months as I continue to eliminate toxins in my body, but I am hopeful and it makes me feel joyful! Thank you Lee Anne for always searching for answers for me. I feel fortunate that you are in a network of other prominent functional medicine professionals. You have made me feel like I am a priority. I appreciate how you have shown me through your own life how to eat and live in optimal health.